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So I finally got the home page into a fairly okay state. I am going to keep adding and subtracting to this site over the next several days. I think my next goal will be to set up the blog and about me sections.

The Cbox looks a little funky on the side there. I might need to adjust the width of these boxes but I will figure this out in time.

BIG shout out to Eggramen for the style sheet and general layout. Their resouces have helped me out a lot and I will definitely be making a more permanent credit to them. So if you are reading this I appreciate you! :)

Anyhoo hello if you have been following me and welcome if you are new! I'll get this place in ship shape soon!

I think I am going to lay down now lol.


Plans! I have plans! I have been working out a story and plan to toss some of that on to my site. art snippets. Anything to make some sort of a shrine for it. I think I will also make the pages for my works look distinct from the rest of the site! It will be a work in progress meant to keep me motivated to see this story through and completed. So look forward to that. Oh yeah also new blog post.

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